Polar Bear Viewing

From as far back as the Village Elders can remember, legends are told that when the Polar Bears arrive, the Eskimo Hunters will have good luck and catch a whale.


Arctic Air Expeditions - Polar Bear ToursWhaling starts in early September with the Polar Bears making the 150 mile swim from the ice pac to the mainland around that time. The villagers use the whale meat and blubber for subsistence and share the rest with the bears. In several locations we have seen as many as 20 bears at a time. A few bears stay year round but the highest concentrations are in October and November.

Arctic Air Expeditions departs from Anchorage and flies via Fairbanks to one of several Inupiat Eskimo Villages located on the shores of the Beaufort Sea 250 miles North of the Arctic Circle. We keep in touch with several local Eskimos to keep informed on the best locations for bear viewing.







If you are a photographer or researcher please contact us for specific requests.

Polar Bear Cubs

It should be noted that our tours do not include newborn cub sightings. It can take weeks in the field under adverse conditions to capture these rare opportunities. However, we do see many spring cubs that are less than a year old.





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